The meaning behind the Victor Prosthodontics logo

When I bought my dental practice, located in Victor, NY, back in October of 2018, I wanted a new logo that was more me. I’ve seen some organizations choose their logos based solely on how good they look. “Wow, that is so cool.  What a beautiful design.” And there is certainly nothing wrong with that approach. I love beautiful things! But in my case, I wanted our logo to not only look great, but to also represent what we do for our patients at Victor Prosthodontics.

Prosthodontists are dentists who undergo at least three years of additional training beyond dental school in a Prosthodontics residency to become experts in the replacement and restoration of teeth. Because of this extra training we tend to deal with more challenging and complex cases. And for some of our patients, we serve as their last resort to solve their dental problems. It’s not unusual for our patients to look at themselves in the mirror after we’ve worked on them and to feel as if they’ve undergone a transformation. Emotions at the completion of treatment can range from tears of joy to near disbelief – is that really me?

These patient transformations are part science, part art. A Prosthodontist has studied the science of dentistry over the course of nearly a decade, including the science classes we’ve taken as undergraduates. We make our diagnoses and create patient treatment plans based on extensive research –  what we’ve learned from reading hundreds, if not thousands of evidence-based journal articles, as well as what we’ve incorporated from the practical work experience of our faculty advisors. But there is also an art to great dentistry. As Prosthodontists, we specialize in the cosmetic or aesthetic as well as the functional.

“It’s not enough for us that your teeth are in the right place, and that you can chew and talk properly – we need your smile to look great too.”

So that takes me to our logo, and how we came up with the concept.

From caterpillar to butterfly:

We see many, many patients who have experienced extreme trauma or have genetic tooth loss – so our patients never have to feel embarrassed or self-conscious in our dental practice. We’ve seen it all, trust me!

We are here to restore your confidence in your smile, and perhaps give you newfound confidence for the first time in your life. And smiles matter…

Per a survey conducted by Kelton Global on behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD),  48% of adults said that the most memorable feature after meeting someone for the first time is a smile.

I  wanted a butterfly as part of our logo in order to symbolize the transformation that our dental group aims to achieve for our patients. We are creating smile makeovers but we hope that the impact extends beyond the superficial. The survey on behalf of the AACD suggests that this is the case. Making over a patient’s smile not only changes how you feel about yourself – it has the potential to change how others around you perceive you.

Lastly, I was thrilled that our logo designer captured my vision for our new practice location within the logo (we are building a brand new location, to open in March of 2019. More to come on this!). Modern but not too abstract, clean lines, welcoming, and a touch of elegance. So – what do you think?

I would love to hear your thoughts on our new logo!

Dr. Gabriela Carranza

Dr. Gabriela Carranza Victor Prosthodontics

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