Dancing, Smiles, & Warmth: Behind the Scenes At Victor Prosthodontics

By January 12, 2024 No Comments

January represents the start of a new year and new beginnings. For me, it meant starting a new job as a Social Media Coordinator at Victor Prosthodontics, a specialty dental group. Before starting here I had never really heard of a prosthodontist and didn’t know what they do. But now, I’d like to give you a glimpse of what we do here, what makes us different, and why you might want to learn more. 

Victor Prosthodontics is the place to come to no longer fear the dentist. As I saw patients taking their first step into the practice, I knew they could already sense the calming experience that awaited them. Warmly greeted by our Front Office Coordinator, Lauren, they felt ready to begin their journey with us. Our team tries to treat each patient as if they are family, and wants to create the best solution for you and your smile. Just with your first interactions with our staff, you will feel like you’ve found the right place. Being greeted with a smile and being treated with a smile is a given at Victor Prosthodontics.

We have created a customized experience  at Victor Prosthodontics for each of our patients. Our personable doctors, Dr. Carranza and Dr. Kahn, are  there each step of the way to take away your anxiety. You will forget about your worries once you are in the hands of our doctors and you will leave feeling empowered. Your one on one experience with our doctors will give you a deeper understanding of your needs and how we can help. Our logo, a butterfly, is a reminder of the beautiful transformation that you may go through at our practice.

You may be wondering who needs a prosthodontist, or even what a prosthodontist is. A prosthodontist attends additional schooling beyond dental school to treat more complex cases, whether they are reconstructive or cosmetic. They look at the mouth as a whole rather than just one tooth, and create solutions through dental implants, crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, and dentures. Our doctors work to customize each case and find the right fit for you.

Dr. Carranza went to school for 14 years. Yeah, you read that right – fourteen years! To go to school for that long, you must be truly obsessed and dedicated to the field that you’re studying. And Dr. Carranza is; she eats, sleeps, and breathes dentistry and is always thinking about her practice. Both Dr. Carranza and Dr. Kahn won’t let you leave until you are fully satisfied with your smile. Just wait until you see Dr. Carranza’s victory dance after completing a patient’s case! Our doctors truly put their heart into their work.

Now, let’s get into the building. Victor Prosthodontics is a beautiful, bright, clean space. The waiting room makes you feel at home – literally, it feels like I’m sitting in my living room! The practice gives patients a cozy feeling that allows them to relax before and during their appointments. Something unique about Victor Prosthodontics is our lab. You will find our new lab technician, Melanie, in there working on projects for both of our doctors. This room is like nothing I’ve ever seen before filled with hundreds of models, advanced equipment, and the motivation to create the best fit for your teeth and smile. 

Every case looks different. Here at Victor Prosthodontics we take the time to personalize our treatments for each patient. You can’t help but walk out with renewed confidence and a beautiful smile!