Important Facts About Dentures and Denture Wearers

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According to the American College of Prosthodontists, more than 36 million Americans are missing teeth (referred to as edentulous). 23 million Americans are completely edentulous and about 12 million are missing teeth in one arch. 90 per cent of those who suffer from edentulism have dentures.


An Example of A Denture Wearer

If you or any of your loved ones are part of this population, you can take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. But in addition to that, the good news is that here at Victor Prosthodontics, we specialize in the field of dentistry that deals with treating and handling dental and facial problems that involve restoring missing teeth and jaw structures.

In other words we’re trained to treat complex cases and we’re responsible for transforming the oral function and smiles of our patients – whether you’re eating and would like to be able to chew properly or while socializing with friends and you’d like to be able to smile and speak with confidence.

Here are some questions that I believe are important to ask if you (or a family member or friend) wear dentures:

• Do you have any sore areas in your mouth?
• Are you having any problems biting or chewing (biting your cheek, gagging)?
• How are you cleaning your dentures?
• Do your dentures stay snug while in your mouth or do they tend to loosen during wear?
• Are you removing your dentures at night?
• When was your last comprehensive exam?

It is very important to have a good set of well-fitting and functional dentures. The causes of missing teeth may include significant nutritional changes, obesity, diabetes, coronary artery disease and some forms of cancer.

At Victor Prosthodontics, we take the time to hear our patients’ needs. If you have any concerns with your dentures based on your answers to the above questions, we will be very happy to provide a consultation for you and recommend what is best for your oral health based on our dental education and vast experience.

Victor Prosthodontics - Dr. Julian Kahn

Dr. Julian Kahn

Did You Know?
Edentulous comes to English directly from the Latin word edentulus, which in turn comes from the Latin prefix e-, meaning “missing” or “absent,” and the Latin root dent-, meaning “tooth.”
– Merriam-Webster Dictionary


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